As a pet owner you want to give your pet the best veterinary care possible. Now you can give you pet the highest quality medication. That's where Rye Beach Pharmacy comes into the picture. We work the PCCA (Professional Compounding Center of America) and the tri-state area's top Veterinarians.

How can compounding help?

  • Solve dosage problems. If a medication isn't available in the strength your Veterinarian wants, we can customize the medication to the desired strength.
  • Alternate dosage forms. Have you ever tried to give a cat a pill? Not pleasant. We can turn your capsule into a cream. The compounding lab can also create custom capsules, creams, gels, liquid suspensions, flavored treats and more.
  • Flavors. We customize the flavors depending on the species of animals.

If you have a problem with your pet taking medicine, call us today. We will work directly with your Veterinarian to make it work.