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"Customer service is our top priority, but don't take our word for it."

Bi-Mix Compound Prescription

“I got the bimix compound prescription from Rye Beach pharmacy and I say that this medication I got from them is the best I have ever experienced in term of action and quality, easily surpassed other compounding labs anywhere!”

– JB

A word on our Compounding Pharmacy from Cutting Edge MD

" I have been providing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for over twenty five years to men and women in the Westchester and Fairfield County area. Specifically I use evidenced based medicine, which means all patient recommendations are drawn from the medical literature. Medications are optimized to provide both the best possible relief of symptoms and simultaneously reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and degenerative disorders. In doing so I rely on the expertise of the staff of Rye Beach Pharmacy, the quality of their products and their commitment to deliver their pharmaceuticals to my patients in a timely fashion. I have worked with RBP for over 30 years and their quality control is impeccable. They are an outstanding compounding pharmacy."

Midazolam Nasal Spray

"I just wanted to write a short note to thank you for the much-needed service you provide for my daughter.

She has epilepsy and the Midazolam spray that you make for her is so wonderful and effective. She carries it around like a security blanket knowing that if a seizure begins she can almost always stop it from progressing from a partial to a grand mal. It almost always stops her partial seizures also.

She has the spray in her pocket at all times at work and I have a second bottle at home in case she has a morning seizure. I am also grateful that her doctor at NYU Langone Medical Center was able to write a prescription for this spray.

So much more research needs to be done for people suffering from this disease but at least we have the comfort of knowing there is one tool we can use to help her live a normal and productive life.

Many, many thanks"

- GD

Rosella's Hormonal Consultations

A few days ago I had a scheduled phone conversation with Rosella, the inimitable compounding pharmacist at Rye Beach Pharmacy. Rosella works so hard and so diligently that it is occasionally hard to find her at her desk, hence the word "scheduled".

I was having some side effects from a compounded hormone I was taking that were frustrating me and instinctively I knew it would be Rosella who would thoughtfully problem solve with me. Rosella not only came up with an excellent plan, but despite the fact we have never met face to face, made me feel like I was an old friend. Her personable manner, ability to really listen, her sense of humor - in short her humanity - makes her a national treasure.

Thank you so much, Rosella, for being you.

Compression Stockings

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff at Rye Beach Pharmacy in Rye, NY, for their excellent customer service.

A couple of weeks ago, under the doctor’s orders, I came to Rye Pharmacy in search for compression stockings. Upon entering the pharmacy, I was greeted by Charlotte Lee. She was very friendly and helpful. She not only secured the compressed stockings from another location but she willingly showed me how to put them on and off.

Thanking you and your staff again for exceptional service."

- V. B.

Veterinary Transdermal Cream

"Dear Compounding lab,

Thank you for taking care of my cat's medical needs all these years. He'd much rather have a transdermal than a pill. You've made his life (and mom's) much easier"

- L.H.