Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

"We offer more than just customized medications -- we give you the counseling and education to go along with it."

Rosella Menta, R.Ph. has been specializing in BHRT for over 25 years. She has studied and lectured with some of the top medical doctors and research specialists in the field from across the country. Working with your doctor, she has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through this transitional journey.

Her goal is to place you on the path of wellness through nutrition, vitamins, and an individualized hormonal dosage form (i.e. capsule, lozenge, transdermal cream, etc.) that will alleviate your symptoms. She works with you on a one-to-one level to discuss your medical background, review test results and dig into your symptoms to get to the root of the problem.

Please watch her video to learn more.

Rosella Testimonials

  • Rosella has helped over a thousand women and men get their quality of life back and push forward to reach their optimal health.
  • Here is what a few of patients had to say about working with her:
Hi Rosella,
I have just put a call into the pharmacy to renew the creams and I have been wanting to tell you how wonderful I have been feeling! Within one week I have noticed my energy level was better; I have been sleeping better, my hot flashes have diminished but not eliminated and my night sweats are much diminished! I don't know if it can work that fast, but all I know is that I feel much better and did not realize how lousy I had been feeling.
Thank You for helping me feel so much better!
Dear Rosella,
I want to thank you for all the time and the phone calls we have shared over the last months. I am pleased to tell you that the current compounds are working beautifully! Sex may not be the most important part of marriage - but when it isn't working properly, it becomes the elephant in the room. I thank you for bringing some balance back into our marriage. We are as close as we have always been in so many ways - intimacy smooths out all the rough spots.
I received the hormones and L-theanine. Thank you so much. Thanks also for all you are and have done for me. One thing I am overly thankful for is the L-theanine has stopped my excessive underarm sweating. It is so normal, I can jump for joy. It was affecting everything. My body is feeling quite normal. For a few years now, no one has been able to help me with the excessive underarm sweating.
Your help has been invaluable.
This month was pretty good. There was a couple of bad days but overall it was good. The hormones have made big difference. I don’t feel miserable, helpless and hopeless. I was in so much pain everyday and I couldn’t understand why no one had a solution for me. You gave me an answer and a solution and for that I am truly grateful. This month I need the hormones, two bottles of mouth rinse, vaginal medicine, Ora-Probiotic tablets and vitamin B-complex.
I am very happy being a Rye beach Pharmacy customer. You care and know what you’re doing. So if anyone asks let them know.