Compounding for Pain Management

Pain can be debilitating. It can affect your work, home life and overall mood. It can cause depression and weight gain. It can hinder you from exercise or physical therapy to rectify the issue. Many of the pills to treat pain have unwanted side effects that can causes more problems.

Our compounding laboratory has helped patients suffering from all types of pain. Many of the top orthopedic physicians understand the benefits of using a topical pain cream and are using it as an option in their prescription toolbox. Together we are seeing success stories for managing pain from muscle spasms, joint pain, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, diabetic neuropathy and other neuropathic pain.

Our pain formulas have safely been used for years to help children as well as the elderly. We have seen these formulas assist people getting back to work quicker and homebound patients achieve a higher quality of life. We have helped patients get back in the game from weekend warriors to professional athletes.

How it works:

We can take several medication ingredients like a muscle relaxer, anti-inflammatory and channel-blocker to be uniformly mixed into one transdermal pain cream. Many patients would have a tough time taking all these medications orally because of the effect on their stomach, but with our high end bases, we circumvent that. The multiple medications are rubbed into the affected area giving quicker relief with less side effects like drowsiness and upset stomach.